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In the visual arts there has always been a great interest in depicting younger and mature women, but although women generally live longer than men, portraits of older women are rarely present in the media.

It may appear paradoxical that while we over the years can experience greater existential calm and fulfillment, most of us have a negative relation to the physical aging marks. When I focus on older women with my camera, I encounter incredibly great scaminess and almost shame over wrinkles, turkey necks, hanging skin bags and deep lines.

It has probably something to do with the influence of our culture's worship of youth which, for many women means, that not only are we using makeup to look younger and more beautiful in the face, but some women even make surgical procedures and spray fillers in order to remove the traces of ageing.

And then, in reality, these traces are so exciting to explore, because they and show who we really are and actually have become.

I focus on these traces and lines that tells something about the life we ​​have lived.


Play with light and shadow as in the photograph and with the diffuse and distinct,

which is just possible with the pigments sailing over wet surfaces.

The inspiration is the Nordic nature, both geologically, vegetabilt and animal.

In the “morlille” (old women) series, once again you will find my fascination with older women, which I have a clear identification with!

I notice older women everywhere and think it's exciting to depict us as we now appear:

Impaired walk, bent back, ... still active, albeit with reduced pace, thoughtful, mellowed, awaiting the passing of time ...